Welcome back to my blog, I hope you are having an amazing and a beautiful day. Today I am going to be sharing something very personal with you guys, something I have NEVER talked to anyone about. So lets do this…

               I grew up in a rich family. My father is a successful business man. I was a very spoilt kid and I still am. I get whatever I want, whether it’s an expensive watch or an expensive car. All the kids I grew up with know how spoilt I was and they hated it.

               When I was in junior school, in year 5/6 i’d give my classmates half my sweets, i’d even give them money to spend in the tuck shop because their parents would give them around 40p to spend. They’d be nice to me for the sweets and money they’d get and then they’d get all get together, become a strong team and bully me. They’d stop talking to me and move away from m, they’d start laughing and joking around with the teachers. At one point I thought the teachers are ignoring me too.

               Finally, at the end of year 6, I was very happy to be leaving junior school, i’d thought I had a better future ahead in high school but guess what?! It was worse!

               I remember in year 7, three weeks after I had started high school, I was walking after school with a friend of mine and according to our uniform, we weren’t allowed to wear short dresses. So I pointed at this girl who was wearing a very short dress and said to my mate “Oh look, she’s wearing a short one!” The year 11 girl came up to me saying “Why are you talking about me?!” I told her all i said was your dress is short.

            The next day, things just got worse and worse. The year 11 girl got her friends together and they all ganged up on me and a few minutes later my teacher calls me into a room. She said she was going to put me on a report card and monitor my behaviour. I didn’t even get the chance to explain what the the issue was. I didn’t say anything to anyone and went home.

                 I went home, spoke my parents about it, explained the whole situation to them and they really didn’t care as they knew I was innocent. I cried for a while after this and kept telling myself to be brave and strong and not to let little things get to me so much. 

              As days went by, things were getting worse and worse. my father came to pick me up from school in a brand new BMW he had just purchased from the dealership recently, for some reason he decided to get it wrapped in orange. He came to pick me up and I could hear everyone laughing from behind me. I ignored them and went home. 

             The next day, they started joking around to annoy me, saying things like “Why would someone buy an orange car? He must be colour blind. He probably thinks it’s white/black!” I didn’t say anything to anyone as I was already on report card and my behaviour was being monitored seriously. I kept thinking to myself why me?! Why is it always me who has to get bullied, I’m only 13  and I do not deserve this at all. I haven’t said or done anything to anyone. 

            I remember when a teacher asked my classmates what their dream car was. I told them it’s a Range Rover Sport in white. I was laughed at for a good few weeks after. 

            I told you guys in my first ever blog that my blogs are going to be all positive, I don’t want to be spreading negative vibes but the whole point of this blog is to tell you one of the reasons behind my depression. But do you know what? I am so happy I’ve been through all this. It has taught me a lot of lessons. Remember, when I just mentioned earlier on that I didn’t say anything to the girl who bullied me? Where you at baby?! Come, say something to me now and watch how I KILL you! I’ve become a really strong person emotionally and physically. I feel like if I hadn’t gone through this i’d still be afraid of people saying things to me, i’d have never been able to fight back, i’d have never been able to stand up for myself.

             Another thing i’d like to mention is, all this happened to me around the ages 9-15 and i went through depression at the age of 19. See how things like bullying can have an impact on someones life forever. Little did i know i was going to be going through some mental illness later on in life.

              Thank you so much guys for bullying me when I was a kid, you’ve taught me a lot. Now, watch me work hard in silence and i’m going to let my Range Rover Sport make the noise! Just watch me rolling in a few years lovely. 🙂

             Thank you very much to all my new followers and subscribers, thank you for all the lovely comments you have left me in my previous blogs, I really do appreciate it. Don’t forget to share this as much as you can. See you soon with another blog. Until then, peace. 🙂


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I'm Mona, come join me through this journey of BE HUMAN, Lets spread peace, love and happiness everywhere regardless of faith, religion,colour, race, ethnicity. Lets do this TOGETHER!

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