Sick of hypocrites and judgemental people!

               Hey, what’s up guys? Hope you guys are in the best of health. I’ve not been feeling very well for the past week as my hay fever has started to kick in really bad but not to worry, all is well! 🙂 I’m back with another amazing blog for you beautiful people. Before I go ahead, i’m just going to say this is MY opinion, if you don’t agree then that’s fine and if you do, then HI FIVE!!  So, let’s begin..

               I personally believe it’s MY life and I can do whatever the hell I want to, regardless of what anybody says or thinks. I make my own decisions. I do what I want. I wear what I want. I basically LIVE the way I want to. I also believe nobody has the right to ask me why i’m doing a certain thing.

                Now the issue is, why are people so judgemental? Why do people not mind their own business? Why don’t they let you be happy and live your life? Why is everybody so nosy? WHY?! 

                The reason behind why people judge others is so easy to identify. Often we judge when we’re jealous of them in some way because they have a status or a role which we don’t.

                Unfortunately, we live in a society where people around you just love talking about you. Sometimes, you’ll even hear people telling you things you’ve never heard about yourself.

                Many times, a lot of people have tried to bring me down. I was in Pakistan a while back and was told by some people I haven’t got any lips because they’re really thin. It would really bring me down. I wouldn’t react to their stupid sentences and attitude towards me but when i’d get home i’d look into the mirror almost all the time to see and try to figure out if there is something I could do about it. I even considered having lip fillers in the future back then! I’ve been told i’m skinny and look like a skeleton! I’ve been told my chest is flat like a football pitch! I’ve been told i’m ugly! I’ve been told i’m hairy! I’ve been told I use whitening creams on my face. I’ve also been told I have a mans body! REALLY???!!!! 

               The problem is why do people give a damn about you? What are they going to get out of an attitude like this? Success?! NEVER! 

                I am a Muslim. I know what’s right and what’s not. You don’t need to tell me what to do. I’m not dumb. I have the knowledge I need. There may be a reason why i’m not doing a certain act in my religion when i’m supposed to be doing it like covering my face. Do you know the reason behind it? No? Then shut up and SIT DOWN!

               I get comments like ‘Oh, you get your eyebrows shaped! That’s not something you’re supposed to be doing!’ Oh really? So if I do it, it’s a sin and if you do it it’s alright? It’s permissible  for you to get your eyebrows plucked, cut your hair, cover your face with your eyes showing with eye shadows and eyeliner and oh YEAH, them HUDA BEAUTY eyelashes!! WOW!! Listen, you need to sort yourself out first of all. Secondly, you need to mind your own business and thirdly, STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE! 

               Remember, people would say and do anything to bring you down. They secretly wish they were you, they want your success, they want to be YOU! NO!! DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN! DON’T! You’re beautiful! Trust me, you don’t need lip fillers, you don’t need implants, you don’t need to do anything to your body to look good. You’re so beautiful, GOD created you the way you are. He loves you! You don’t wake up everyday to impress others! You don’t need to listen to people, they chat a whole load of GARBAGE! Ignore them and be yourself! I get called a ‘WEIRDO’ all the time, almost every single day and I love it because that’s just the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about it! 

                 ‘Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be the happiest!’ -Sri Chinmore

               Thank you so much for reading this blog of mine. I love you guys for the sake of GOD! See you again very soon. Until then, peace. 🙂


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I'm Mona, come join me through this journey of BE HUMAN, Lets spread peace, love and happiness everywhere regardless of faith, religion,colour, race, ethnicity. Lets do this TOGETHER!

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