Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! I know I haven’t been posting lately due to the blessed month of Ramadan. I made an intention this month that i’m going to worship God and pray as much as I can and not waste any time. Thanks to the almighty for giving me the strength to do so. And today I am back with another blog and here it is…..

                     Remember my first ever blog when I told you guys I want to express my feelings on my website, tell you guys what I have been through in life and also the silly mistakes I’ve made and share my experiences with you. A lot of people requested me to start a YouTube channel. Now, YouTube is something I’ve always wanted do, I’ve always wanted to do silly and funny things to make people smile and brighten up their day but there was only one thing that was stopping me. I kept thinking i’m going to get a lot of hate, so many people will be cursing me out and leave negative comments on my videos and they’ll upset me.

                     I woke up one day and thought to myself I can’t just stop doing what I want to do because of some weird people out there. I should be more than happy to do what I want regardless of what people are going to do or say. Why should people be the reason behind me failing to achieve my goals in life? Why should they bother me? Why should I think and care about them? They ain’t that important to me! Lol.

                This same day, I created a YouTube channel ‘It’s Mona’s Life’, bought a camera and uploaded my first ever video ‘My intro video’ on YouTube. I was so happy for being myself and finally doing something I want to do. Life is so AMAZING! All praise to the most high! 

                 All I want to say to you guys is, do what you want to do in life, don’t let people stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Work hard and believe in yourself! Remember what your religion teaches you and expects from you. Fear God at all times. Be happy for one another and live happily ever after! 🙂

                   I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel out ‘It’s Mona’s Life’ and i’ll see you very soon with another blog! Until then, peace! 🙂


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I'm Mona, come join me through this journey of BE HUMAN, Lets spread peace, love and happiness everywhere regardless of faith, religion,colour, race, ethnicity. Lets do this TOGETHER!

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  1. Sister,
    I am quoting these few words from your own write up Be Human-“All I want to say to you guys is, do what you want to do in life, don’t let people stop you from fulfilling your dreams”- Does this mean to do whatever one likes (free to choose) not distinguishing between good and bad things/activities- (permissible/not permissible) in fulfilling ones dream(s)? Should this be the priority of making life comfortable and desirable as per one’s desire?


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