Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! I hope you’re doing good because I am! Today’s blog is going to be different. I won’t be mentioning any names or places for privacy purposes. Please do understand and respect that! 🙂 So let’s begin….

                 I’ve been working as a customer service advisor for a company since November last year (2016) till the 4th of July this year. At first, I really enjoyed doing my job until I realised i’m selling myself too short. I realised I could do way better, people used to come up to me and say what on earth are you doing working here? I used to ignore them as I knew i’m making money. It came up to a point where I gave up! YES I GAVE UP! Not because I wasn’t able to do the job but because I knew I ain’t worth this crap, I can do way better and most of all I deserve A LOT more than this. 

                   My job was to take inbound calls and help customers out with their queries. When I applied for the job that’s what it said in the job description which is why I applied! But then a few months later it wasn’t all about the customers query anymore, there was so much I had to do on every single call, not like I did it anyway but yes, my targets had become unreachable for me.

                 I sat down one day and thought to myself why should I work so hard for a company when all i’m getting every hour is a few pence above the bloody minimum wage!!! YES..YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! Why work so hard for someone when they’re not even paying you enough? Why stress yourself out so much at work? Why leave work everyday with a migraine? Why wake up everyday hating yourself for working somewhere you don’t like? Why surround yourself with negative people? Why work for a company where progression is only for those who have the longest tongues? NAAAAAHHH mate, I and YOU are worth so much more than this! WE don’t need to drop ourselves down to this level to get a role with a higher wage! NO! I’ll be more happy if I worked for it rather than being given the role because of the connections I have at my workplace. 

                   I woke up one day thinking that’s it! I ain’t taking this no more, went onto indeed and the first job I saw was a pharmacy job. I clicked on it, it sounded like the perfect role for me, applied for it, arranged a telephone interview, passed that, was invited to the assessment centre, had my interview and THANK GOD I got the job! ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH!

                    Yes, now I work for a pharmacy! I started working there on the 10th of July and I am so happy I took this step. So many positive people around me, everyone getting on with their own work minding their own business and that’s how I like my work environment to be! 

                 If you’re working somewhere you don’t like or you think it’s affecting you mentally/emotionally, LEAVE! You DO NOT deserve to be in a place like that! Believe me!

                 Hope you guys enjoyed this, don’t forget to check my YouTube channel out! See you soon with another blog! Until then, peace. 🙂 


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I'm Mona, come join me through this journey of BE HUMAN, Lets spread peace, love and happiness everywhere regardless of faith, religion,colour, race, ethnicity. Lets do this TOGETHER!

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